Cornwall -Trewellard

Corwall -Swell

Cornwall - Sunburst Over the Tin Mine

Cornwall - Spring Tide

Cornwall - Snow Moon

Cornwall - Passing Levant

Cornwall - Levant Windward

Well my website has been rejigged, and I can now show as well as talk about my new images.
Snow Moon, Spring Tide, Levant Windwards, Passing Levant and Trewellard are smaller immages than I used to do, but I have been asked to provide more variety with seizes. It has been fun working out and re-jigging how I want the work to look like and how big I want to do them.
All of these are inspired by Cornall which I love and feel part of, my surname and middle names are both from Cornwall. I try to spend as much time there as I can. I have some more sketches I plan to convert in to work soon. My dear sister Ellen Tremayne Exton, also a painter, died recently and she is burried in Pendeen near where some of my work has been made.
I have also been for another couple of long jaunts down the river Thames and these will become new work in the near future.

A commission-Road to Emmaus

A commission-Road to Emmaus